KSI - Holiday [Official Music Video]



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    I wanna wake up every morning feeling better cos I know you’re sleeping by my side
    And every moment we’re together I’ll remember just to keep it all for you and I
    I see that body in the sunlight
    Feeling the heat and it feels right
    I wanna do this for the rest of my life
    Oh, I know I know you know the vibe
    I wanna stay with you every night
    You and me underneath lights
    I’m Always good when you’re by my side
    I know You know you’re on my mind
    You really make me come alive
    I wanna be here for the rest of my life

    Looking for sunrays
    Needing them good days
    Fly me a way away, you’re my holiday

    Cool like the ocean
    Lost in emotion
    Find me a way away, you’re my holiday

    Whenever you’re here it’s a good time
    Strawberry shirts in the sunshine
    Ice cold drinks till the moonlight
    You’re my holiday

    I wanna stay up till the morning with you talking, just listen to the things you say
    And everytime I’m in the middle of the city I imagine us so Far away
    I see that body in the sunlight
    Feeling the heat and it feels right
    I wanna do this for the rest of my life
    Oh, I know You know you’re on my mind
    You really make me come alive
    I wanna be here for the rest of my life

    Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com

    Directed By Troy Roscoe - : troyroscoe

    RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/

    BMG - www.bmg.com/us/


    1. Noopz

      What an absolut banger

    2. Raf Raf


    3. Jayden _ak

      Legit banger!!! His best song out atm change my mind

    4. Dimithri Nivain

      AYO man tried pickpocketing that shit 2:30

    5. MobileGod Snipes


    6. Kye Warwick

      Defo for anne merie

      1. CJGoated

        He has a gf

    7. Milky FX

      On the outside JJ can seem like such a normal person, laughing at random shit on his Reddit and making videos with his mates, but GODDAMN did this stuff blow up his career. Keep at it bruv 🙂

    8. Daniel Crowter

      And Logan Paul said his music career is goin nowhere

    9. L4zyLov3 YT

      I’m in a relationship and I’m going to the army in less then 2 months and this song gave me more strength to go and have a better future for me and my girl

    10. Casen

      Ksi singing>ksi rapping (just my opinion)

    11. Control molido 904

      Guys are man made it ,we see jj how he grow this years ,we love you and proud of you keep it doing man 😜😜😜fatneek


      I don't know why but seeing JJ succeed makes me feel like a proud dad lol

    13. Huncho

      Gay as fuck

    14. Omar sherif

      LES GOO sheesh

    15. Elijah Toppersons

      FATNEEK soft as shit lmao

    16. Global High Lights

      KSI broooo keeep doing what u doing, much loveeee

    17. Blutzy

      Keep It Up JJ Banger Song!

    18. Redux Gamez

      2:52 So fire

    19. Edward Harrison

      Whoever disliked rather just doesn’t like it or a hater that likely supports tayler holder, bryce hall or jake paul

    20. youdontneedtoknow

      Ksi the UK Unit on Fire what a king👑

    21. Hernán Álvarez

      eres un grande jj, te mereces todo lo que has logrado.

    22. Charlotte Ward

      2:58 if he was able to get his girlfriend in the song that he most likely wrote about her without her having to show her face that is so sweet such a great song jj already have it on repeat cant wait for the album

    23. Kyle Boney

      Happy birthday JJ!

    24. Colorblind

      This song is too wholesome for me right now.

    25. Anushka Das

      jj fr in his feel and im here for it

    26. Donald Dean

      Ksi singing, with no features, wHAt!!!!

    27. BeastBanks

      the real question, is the girl at the end of the video JJ's real girlfriend?

    28. Temo


    29. Kacper Janowski

      My mum listens to ur song and she is in love with it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    30. RDJ III

      I'll give this a PLATINUM!

    31. Tomas Meles

      You are gay mane

    32. kaidenjaxx official

      Ksi has really come a long way with his music and I'm loving this song so much right now,respect to you fam and keep doing what you doing fam❤❤❤❤❤❤

    33. Game head

      does anyone else beach vibes from this?

    34. anas aram

      He is probably making this song for deji after he lost his fight great job

    35. Project Tria

      The kid laroi needa hop on this

    36. Vrishn Vishwa Nithya

      my guy keeps going up in the trending

    37. SPXZz_X


    38. Hossein Karimi

      Holy shit I cant believe this is KSI. He sings great

    39. keyloz

      Smashed it my g

    40. Winston Smith

      Bit of a teeny bopper song. It's a rip off of another song 'evergreen' 'youre my evergreen'

    41. Brandy

      Love this one, has me in the feels!🔥♪

    42. Wei Li

      Next album kpop ksi genre. Let's get it reddit.

    43. Chid anims

      Wtf is this, not hating

    44. arya

      Wow this is defferent but damn i actually like it

    45. PoisonGamerz

      Not gonna lie this is good for couple songs or travel songs it looks like ur having a damn good day.

    46. mr 42000

      Gay as fuck

    47. 69 OMR

      Hello guys it's ur boy jjLGBT

    48. BomBerManYT

      Absolutely a banger Perfect timing for Bryce to rethink jis choices😂😂

    49. PTG Mar

      Sounds like it would be in a movie

    50. XxCarden_LiLZEYxX

      this shit fire but if he hit that African accent this shit wouldve sounded sick

    51. Pigeon Powers

      What happened to s-x

    52. NotBero

      Fire like always

    53. diel

      JJ your music keeps getting better nice vocals!

    54. mohammad pojohishgar

      Your already know They about to be spamming this on the radio.

    55. Plain Bread 69

      Great song ngl

    56. jacob 2nd


    57. Akshat Das

      Hits different every time

    58. Kian Excell


    59. GIG

      🥺🥺🥺 so proud 🥲

    60. Ipstax

      Daaamned I wasn’t expecting our boy to sing so good bro keep up with the absolutely incredible work 🔥💪

      1. Kempy120


    61. ITZ Bxltz

      Yo that was actually insane 🔥🔥🔥but might need to chill wit da gay dudes

    62. It's Sm!le

      KSI Never disappoints me

    63. Surya Suresh


    64. David Gallagher


    65. Sander Hinna

      wow, just WOW!!!! This is honestly THE BEST song I've heard this year

    66. Roan Passchier

      holy shhh this is a banger

    67. Stonkey

      Been an incredible journey to follow bro! Since the very first youtube videos. Role model, true inspiration source. Whole community proud my g, keep on killing it. You make me and a lot of people wanting to do better. Huge respects.

    68. provib

      jj who is that girl who comes in the end

    69. Tapabrata Banik

      Holiday: morelike hella auto tune Ha

    70. SAJFD

      It’s bad his voice is not for singing too much auto tune

      1. SAJFD

        @Kempy120 he has a lot of fans 😐

      2. Kempy120

        619k likes says different

    71. Aniket Tomar

      Can we just appreciate the video 🙂💜

    72. Zeusinade

      Man i am so proud of you, you have cured my depression many times and you just… like make me happier I guess, made me become a better me and the past days were really hard but you made them a little better. And i once again say i am so proud of you !! Hope you have a good day ksi

    73. Simon Van Wersch

      aight fatneek drops another banger

    74. Jermaine Sabajo

      Banger !!

    75. Keng Aroo

      Im in love with somebody atm, and this song perfectly portrays how I feel about her 😍🥰

    76. Dimo

      This song is for his gf right

      1. SAMEEDEE


    77. no

      This song finna be nostalgic in 5 years.

    78. {GOLDEN•ULTRA•360K}

      Bra can we talk about how JJ was Jack shit now he's moving mad on how he does his music

    79. Mason Hearron

      This song hit different, so inspirational 🙏💯 I give him so much credit! Keep thriving JJ

    80. S.ivanov 99

      Yooo this is fireeee like it

    81. Doozy Bloom

      Just hearing JJ solo song makes my day

    82. Aayan Shahid

      Happy birthday Ksi thanks for getting us through lockdown and everything else happy birthday

    83. Aleksa Mihajlovic

      Oi this song is fire! nice one JJ!!

    84. Joe Mccain

      Stop wearing bandanas we get it you have a big forehead. Own it

    85. Omar Sohail

      Lets get it to first on trending

    86. jmlgiants

      Making me feel mad single rn

    87. Jayvandraj JR

      Everybody be like: this song is just a vibe Me: Who is JJ hugging 🤨

    88. LadyLegion93

      😶😶😶😶😶😶 I'm reloading it 🎶 🔥 ❤

    89. CRS Production

      The dedication he’s put in is amazing! JJ’s gone from ‘Heskey time’ to this. Great song, such a vibe! 🔥

    90. Jamezz007

      Love from India

    91. Chair


    92. Ayub khan

      This is next level love from india

    93. Khizer Ahmed


    94. AdmittedEnd

      Holy 🔥

    95. ItzOMA

      WOW! I`m really impressed by this one. Have watched you forever and did not know you were capable of making a banger/vibe like this. Big Ups bro ❤️

    96. currymanlol boxer

      Where is the Asian family

    97. Elijah Jake Geonzon (I'mRandom)

      Rappers out here having ghostwriters while our fatneek making it look like he has a ghost singer.

    98. Hayley Clifford

      i love how you change up your song style every song it just shows how jj is commit to his music and i support him also your singing has reached a new level congrats

    99. Sasuke Naruto

      Love or hate ksi you gotta admit this song is a banger